EnrollMatch™ is a comprehensive recruitment/ admissions training solution designed to offer prospective students exceptional service while improving organizational effectiveness.

EnrollMatch® is more than just an admissions training workshop; it’s a complete training solution! Your license gives you access to face-to-face training to get your team started, then offers webinars, eLearning, discussion forums, and train-the-trainer options to reinforce learning!

Admissions representatives and DOAs will improve self-awareness while improving new skills that are grounded in best practices from communication, relationship building, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)®, psychology, sales, leadership, guidance counseling, motivation and MORE! Participants also learn to use The Student Empowerment Approach (SEA)TM to stay compliant yet with enough flexibility to connect with today’s students in the most ethical and effective ways!

This training program has been reviewed and approved by regulatory counsel, the Dunn & Davison Law Firm, for consistency with accrediting and federal admissions related standards.

In 2007, Dr. Jean Norris began a quest for new and meaningful sales training to bring back to the admissions profession. Her travels brought her to Australia and The Right Mind (TRM)®.

David Hanlon and Jill Rigney lead TRM and share their passion for ethical sales training and organizational effectiveness in this program.

In 2009, our collaboration resulted in 7/8ths Selling®, a workshop specifically designed for sales professionals to add new skills to their current approaches and connect to people in new and meaningful ways. And expanding on that success, in 2010 we launched EnrollMatch® as a comprehensive solution for any higher education organization.

Many programs begin and end with a face-to-face training workshop. EnrollMatch®; is a licensed program that provides additional tools to expand learning beyond the classroom and ensure smooth integration. Under the direction of a Nn facilitator, participants can further their knowledge and skills through quarterly webinars, eLearning courses and discussion forums. Your license also gives you access to updates on best practices and compliance issues so you can stay informed and effective. This makes EnrollMatch® a dynamic training program that will never be out of date!

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