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What is EnrollMatch®?

It’s an award-winning admissions training solution that’s informed by research, endorsed by legal counsel, aligned with best practices, consistently updated and proven to improve performance!

Master new skills that are grounded in best practices from communication, relationship building, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)®, psychology, sales, leadership, guidance counseling, motivation and MORE!

EnrollMatch® is the FIRST and ONLY admissions training program that has been reviewed and approved by regulatory counsel for consistency with accrediting and federal admissions related standards! *

On Demand

You already know how important ongoing learning is to your success but a face-to-face workshop isn’t always possible.

Face to face

On-site training is an excellent way to kick off your commitment to training. Staff will leave training renewed and reinvigorated.


Commercially, licensed training has been around for years. You’ve heard the names and brands, but probably haven’t given a lot of thought to how licensed training works.


Award Winning

EnrollMatch®, along with some of our partners, were recognized by the National Council for Continuing Education and Training (NCCET) for exemplary results in training!

Available at your place our ours! Send your trainer or team to Chicago for one of our quarterly, “open” workshops. Or schedule a custom workshop just for your team and we’ll send a facilitator to your site. It’s your choice! Better yet, subscribe to our On Demand training program and enjoy all the benefits of online training available 24/7.

THE Results

Since our pilot study of over 40 campuses back in 2011, EnrollMatch® continues to deliver exceptional results at every stage of the student recruitment process!

Let us help you get the results you are looking for.

Results that inform. Results that inspire. Results that impact your bottom line.

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“*This training program has been reviewed and approved by regulatory counsel, the Dunn & Davison Law Firm, for consistency with accrediting and federal admissions related standards.”

Award Winning

Admissions training solution

Contact Us : 312-262-7400

55 East Jackson, Ste 950, Chicago, IL 60604

Award Winning

Admissions training solution

Contact Us : 312-262-7400

55 East Jackson, Ste 950, Chicago, IL 60604

Our facilitators can’t be with you at all times, so we offer a Train-the-Trainer (T3) program to prepare you or your internal training staff with the knowledge, skills, and materials to retrain, reinforce and on-board new employees. Your licensed EnrollMatch® trainers must have a valid license, successfully complete the workshop, pass webinar assessments, and perform a teach back. Licensed trainers receive the following to assist them in successful implementation:

Building on the foundational program, EM Advanced expands the approaches by introducing “The 5 Factors of Fit” to the advising model. Participants will explore the art of effective goal setting along with helping students make connections between their interests, skills, life and values. In addition, expanded tools for exploration and advanced questioning and advising techniques are provided.

Our original program has stood the test of time by providing an updated framework in working with today’s student. Imagine being equipped to advise and empower prospective students to find the best programmatic, educational, and organizational fit. The philosophy is simple. Prospective students exhibit a “Want/Need” and while other training programs stop there, EM delves deeper to help prospective students and admission professionals alike discover what created the “Want/Need,” what will fight against change, and what needs to be managed for change to happen. The result? Better informed prospective students – Better informed admission professionals = Better student fit!

Participants will learn all aspects of the Student Empowerment Approach™ along with the following key areas:

This program takes what you know (or thought you knew) about connecting with others to an entirely new level. If you work with customers (internal or external), this workshop provides deep insights into what you are currently doing that is working but more importantly, what can you do to enhance connections to improve performance.